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One of Frenchay Village Museum's latest books is "J.S. Fry & Sons - a rough guide to the family and the firm". It covers the story of the Fry family from 1728 to the death of the last Fry to be involved in the chocolate business in 1967. But it's not just chocolate, the book also highlights other successful fields of endeavour for members of the family, ranging from boats to vacuum cleaners, by way of  international law, a university, and record-breaking racing cars.  It especially covers the members of the Fry family who lived in Frenchay.


The book costs 6 and is available in the museum.  The museum is on the corner of Begbrook Park and Frenchay Park Road, and is open Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday afternoons. Admission is free.

If you can't get to the museum send us a cheque for 6 plus postage - to check the amount for postage, please call 0117 9570942 or email  The cheque should be made payable to "Frenchay Village Museum" and the book will be sent to you by return.

                           Frenchay Village Museum

                           Begbrook Park

                           Frenchay, South Glos,     BS16 1SZ