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Museum Publications

The museum publishes and sells a number of books of local interest.

The following books are currently available at the museum :

 Frenchay Chronicles Series

 Professor Golla of Frenchay.                                                                2.00

Prof Golla

The life of Professor Golla, who lived in Frenchay and worked at the Burden Institute.

  H.J.Wadlow of Frenchay School                                                          1.50 

  Miss Robinson Remembers Frenchay  1849 - 1919.                        1.00

Miss Robinson Remembers

 The Story of  Frenchay Village Hall                                            1.50

                                                               The History of Frenchay Hospital.                                               7.50

Frenchay Hospital

This history of Frenchay Hospital has now been updated and augmented with stories from

people who were patients and staff during its time from 1921 to the present.

  Eyewitness - The 1831 Bristol Riots                                                     2.00


Accounts of the Bristol Reform Bill Riots of 1831 by local residents who saw them.

  Ernest Albert Sharpe - Head of Frenchay School                             2.00

  Utterly Good Man - the life of F.D.Maurice.                                        2.00

F.D. Maurice

The life of Frederick Denison Maurice, who lived in Frenchay as a young person, and who

went on to be a social reformer and founder of higher education colleges.

Other books include :

Do not Emigrate    F.Tuckett's Pamphlet published in 1850               3.00

Letters from the Alps by Frank Tuckett in 1860                                    6.00

Letters from the Alps by Lizzie Tuckett                                                   2.00

That Mighty Moutaineer (Frank Tuckett)                                               3.00

A Village at War  1914-1918 (From Parish magazines)                       3.00

Village at war

A Winterbourne Tale - A Double Murder and Suicide                   2.00

Winterbourne House  - an Historic Study                                         7.50

Winterbourne Gloucestershire - Elliott                                             7.50


A comprehensive history of the people and properties of Winterbourne civil parish up to the second world war.

Frenchay and Stapleton on Postcards                                                   4.95

Around Hambrook on Postcards                                                            6.00

Recollections of Victorian Frenchay                                                       2.00

Memories of Frenchay   by Louise Powell (1906 - 2000)                   1.50

A Grand Tour of Frenchay.                                                                       2.00

Frenchay tour

This is an invaluable guide to the major landmarks of Frenchay. 

A walk that takes you round all the main places of interest.

Anthony Purver,  (Quaker  who translated the Bible )                 2.00

An English Family in the mountains of Grindelwald                    2.00

Mariana's Diary - Holiday in Cornwall in 1857                               1.50

Tragedy in the Caucasus  - The death of Harry Fox                     2.00

JS Fry & Sons - A rough guide to family and firm                        6.00

                                                           The Tuckett Family of Frenchay                                                         5.00      

                                                           The Amazing Life of the Revd Hugh Cowell Kinred                       1.50  

                                                           Honour and Wisdom  the story of Frenchay School                      1.50

                                  Zig Zagging Amongst the Dolomites facsimile of Lizzie Tuckett's last book    5.00   

                                                                                 Frankie went to Hollywood                                            3.50


             East with Eadon  (In Burma Alan and Letitia Eadon saved

                         thousands when the Japanese invaded in 1942)                5.00